Stone Crusher

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A StoneCrusher


StoneCrushers are one of the Special Structures and a way to gain Aethereum and ores. Place Stone, Cobblestone or Gravel in the top chest and it will automatically crush them, giving you valuable materials like iron, gold, redstone, lapis and diamonds each with a different chance factor. You can place silk touched ore blocks in the top chest to gain Aethereum with each ore block type having a different probability of dropping a certain amount of aethereum.

Important Information

  • Moving a StoneCrusher- unlike the portal, moving a StoneCrusher is free. You can do this using the command /stonecrusher move. Do not try to move the crusher by breaking one of it blocks, it will destroy the StoneCrusher without dropping anything, it will be gone forever.


  • /cchelp stonecrusher- help about the stonecrusher
  • /stonecrusher move- removes the stonecrusher and puts it in your inventory