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Quests can be found and played in Valgard and the dungeon worlds. They can reward various things such as special skins, potions, but also Aethereum and scores. There are 2 types of quests: Story Quests, which will have a small story/dialogue you can play through to obtain the rewards and quests that vary in cooldowns. Daily Tasks have a 16h cooldown and do not have any dialogue, you just bring the required items to the Daily Task NPC to claim some score.

Daily Tasks

NPC's who offer daily tasks are marked by a blue '!'.

NPC Name Location
Maximus Well Player Market

Story Quests

NPC's and locations that offer Story Quests are marked by a yellow '!'. Quests in Province

Quest Name NPC Name Location
What is this Server Mayor Hadcoins 53, 159, -130
Dealing with Boars Mayor Hadcoins 53, 159, -130
Big Trouble in the Mines Mayor Hadcoins 53, 159, -130
Laketown Goulash Mayor Hadcoins 53, 159, -130
Encroaching Spirits Mayor Hadcoins 53, 159, -130
Red Leather Bandanas Mayor Hadcoins 53, 159, -130
The Lost Spices Mayor Hadcoins 53, 159, -130
Hoolis Menace Mayor Hadcoins 53, 159, -130
Wanted: Queen Arachniss Folke Stonepaw 12, 160, -141
One With the Ground Folke Stonepaw 12, 160, -141
Quack in the Province Frank Yoghurtson -82, 167, -102
Sluggish Infestation Pashi Krobs -6, 169, -30
The Big One Pashi Krobs -6, 169, -30
To Kill a King Mayor Hadcoins 53, 159, -1306
In Defence of Laketown Laketown Guard 39, 162, -96

Quests in Valgard

Quests in Bloodstone