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Valgard Market Portal


Portals are a one of the Special Structures and the most efficient way of transport on CraftCitizen. Place a Portal Lectern with sufficient space to create your Portal. Use the command "/portal name x" and rightclick your Portal to give it a name. To dial a portal place a book with the portal name you want to go to inside the lectern. You may remove the book before going through.

Portal Limits

Each player may have a certain number of portals depending on rank and runestones. Peasants may own 1 Portal. Merchants may own 2 Portals. Knights may own 3 Portals. Nobles may own 4 Portals. Aristocrats may own 5 Portals.

Additionally you may increase your max Portal limit by 1 by using a runestone (purchased in Valgard) to an absolute maximum of 7 Portals per Player!

Important Information

  • Name- Your Portal name is used as address so other Portals can connect to it.
  • Exit only- Your Portal does not require a name if you only want to leave but not return.
  • Citizen Rank- Every new citizen is rewarded with 1 Portal.
  • Active Portals- If a Portal is used it remains active for a while, carefull other players may follow you through!


  • /portal name- names your portal
  • /portal list- lists your Portals
  • /kit book- the portal book to save portal codes
Valgard Market Portal