Moving Ships

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Moving Ships

It is possible to make actually moving ships here on the server. They come in all shapes and sizes, from small to big. Each ship serves a specific purpose, whether it be a cargo ship, rowboat, battleship, or just a beautiful ship to show off- there is always something for you.

Different ships allow and disallow different types of blocks. For example, on a battleship it is possible to place a lot cannons, but on other ships a minimal amount is allowed. On freighters (cargo ships) it is possible to place double chests. Certain ships go faster than others, and certain ships allow more blocks to be placed on them.

Making a Ship

To make a ship, you can either paste one from a blueprint or build one yourself. Here are some steps for building one:

  1. Number of Blocks: estimate a number of blocks, and look at the table below for the type of ship yours will be. Click on the page.
  2. Allowed/disallowed Blocks: each ship doesn't allow certain blocks. Make sure you do not build out of these blocks!
  3. Taking Control of the Ship: place a sign with the ship name on the top line (refer to picture below). Right click sign to control ship, /release to release.
  4. Cruising the Ship: place a sign with "Cruise: off" on the top line (refer to picture below). Right click sign to toggle cruising.
  5. Turning the Ship: place a sign with "[helm] on the top line, the sign will turn into the third picture below. Right/left click to turn a certain direction.
  6. Maneuvering in Tight Places: equip a golden hoe in main hand, and look the direction you want to go. Right click, your ship will move 1 block that direction.

Rowboatsign.png Cruisesign.png Helmsign.png


Name Min/Max Size Notable Features Picture
Rowboat 10-75 blocks
  • Small boats for short-trip navigations
  • Requires no wool
  • Requires 25% wood
Schooner 76-750 blocks
  • Small/medium sized sail ships
  • Requires 30% wool
  • Requires 20% wood
Barge 150-1250 blocks
  • Coal powered ships
Freighter 750-? blocks
  • Cargo ships
Battleship 1000-2800 blocks
  • Ships for battle