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The available markets for obtaining items are Admin Shops and Player Shops.

The Admin Shops are located throughout the server in Valgard and in the dungeon worlds. They are represented as end portal blocks or shop blocks. You can also view the items prior to purchase by following the instructions.

The Player owned shops are located in the Market at Valgard. Players can rent shops, remodel the shops, and set-up buy or sell chests. The prices at the various shops are set-up by each individual owner and not by the server. Shop around to find deals.

Shop commands can be found at /arm gui.

To make a message for your shop - /arm gui, my regions (click the region you want to set the message for), flag editor, edit entry message, send message in chat While creating a message you will be typing in the main chat and it can be viewed by everyone.

Important* If your shop rent is not paid prior to the expire date, all items in the shop will vanish and the shop plot will reset to the original shop. Items lost from not renewing the rent will not be replaced by the Admins.