Mad Tinkerer

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The Mad Tinkerer
The Tinkerer in his shop

About The Mad Tinkerer

The Mad Tinkerer is a NPC located in Valgard who sells all types of machinery and devices. You can also battle him as a multiplayer arena boss in The Mob Arena.

His Devices

  • Stone Crusher - A device that extracts minerals out of stone, cobblestone and gravel and also generates aethereum out of ore blocks mined with silk touch.
  • MobDespawner - A machine that prevents any mobs from spawning within a range of 5x5 chunks.
  • Replicator - A device that let's you automatically craft a certain item by putting the required materials in the top chest.
  • Taucherglocke - An apparatus that allows you to breathe underwater for a long time, like a diving helmet.
  • Transportable Transmutation Station - A device that allows you to transmute at home. (Due to the changes to the currency, this device can't be used at this time)
  • Trophy Depositor - A device that allows you to submit your trophies to increase your personal score.
  • Jukebox - A device that allows you to make and play custom music.

To make music on the Jukebox use the commands: /jukebox song create (while holding a disc in your hand), /jukebox song edit, Then start making the song.

The discs (records) can be purchased in the Market. The mine craft music disc can also be used in the Jukebox to create songs.