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About Jimmeh999

Jimmeh999 was born in a small farming village in the Taiga biome, his father the village blacksmith taught him to work iron from an early age, and his mother a red stone inventor inspired many of his red stone inventions today. His life was peaceful in the village if only a little boring, so when he came of age, he set forth into the world to become an adventurer taking with him the lessons of hard work and industry his family had taught him. While out on one of exploring adventures, Jimmeh999 encountered BassQueen808 and she was searching for an inventor to manage the needs of her growing Clan. Jimmeh999 joined the Miners”n”Merchants clan enhancing the life of the clan by adding inventions for all to use. His talents earn him the title of Lord by BassQueen808.

Valgardian Privateers

after growing tired of spending so much time in the same place, Jimmeh999 started commiting acts of piracy before deciding that his actions may cause trouble for his clan, this lead to the formation of the Valgardian Privateers, a clan of pirates for hire, doing everything from building ships and houses to transporting cargo. as a privateer Jimmeh999 quickly gained popularity with a number of clans and individuals, which meant he could continue his adventurous life style with out having to adopt violent methods