Hi Its Yas

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Date Joined: 8th May 2020
Clan: Miata (Minister)
Rank: Lord

About Hi_Its_Yas

Hi_Its_Yas was bought up from an amazing place named Quaintland and had an amazing time with his family and friends. Quaintland was always in war though and Hi_Its_Yas had to learn how to fight fast and quick. Hi_Its_Yas thought it was in the norm to learn how to fight so quickly. After a long day of training with his bow and arrow he decided to go on a cool adventure with his friends until they stumbled across a new place named hypixel! Hi_Its_Yas learned so many cool and new things about Minecraft and on top of found mini games like the ‘Sky Wars’ and ‘Bed Wars’, he also found another amazing thing about minecraft which was the awesome building! Hi_Its_Yas was astonished by all the things he could make and learn so he left Hypixel alone on a conquest to find an amazing server full of awesome builders and new friends. Hi_Its_Yas was greeted by now his amazing online friend named DarkDesert and decided to join his clan to settle into the new environment and start learning his new skill of building. Hi_Its_Yas was sad that he couldn’t have any battles anymore and asked his friends if there were any battles he could do on this server. Astoundingly Craft Citizen was full of dungeons and PvP events!!! Hi_Its_Yas was amazed by how amazing this server was and enjoyed his time on the server. One day Hi_Its_Yas and DarkDesert got invited to join a bigger and better clan with even more new friends to meet named Miners and Merchants. Luckily the clan leader (BassQueen) had been watching Hi_Its_Yas and DarkDesert develop and grow and thought we would be a perfect match for the clan. The two of them got to meet amazing people like Leoparddart, Jimmeh999 and RoMich and even made some new friends that joined after them like Shin_Kotzilla and they lived happily together as a team!