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Cotij and Sizzle in their Guardian Farm

Cotij, the Eternal Clan

Background Information

Cotij, otherwise known as the Friendship Boys, is a group of strong, independent, alpha males. They are dominant pvpers, the best of their kind.

The clan was founded by the three Friendship Boys, Cotij, Sizzle, and Rex. As of now, they have the most combined farms, the most combined event weapons, and the most combined money- they are the richest on the server.

A Rich History

Cotij and Sizzle began playing back in the end of November, 2019. There, they grinded nonstop for all the shulker boxes and elytras in the end. The Friendship Boys have a combined total of 4 non-curse of vanishing elytras, and 60+ shulker boxes. The wither skull farm grants them loads of wither skulls, and currently they have more than 20 beacons. If you'd like to buy a beacon, you can go to the Eternal Shop of Sizzle at market, the big, beautiful quartz and prismarine shop.

Evening of April 3, 2020

A noob, named TakischesToast, and his gang of irrelevant jackasses decided to raid the new Friendship Boys underground master base. They took ~40 dubs of stone, ~2 dubs of bones, ~2 dubs of arrows, among other valuable items. In return, Cotij and Sizzle flew over to his base and placed a raid-purposed portal, for quick transportation back and forth. They utilized a classic Trojan horse trick to lure Toast out of his base during a siege, to brutal f*** his a** and get into his base. The Friendship Boys gained ~4 god sets, numerous god swords, valuable event drops, among other valuables. The raid was a success.