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Claims Griefprevention

Claims protect your buildings from griefers, cannonfire and mobs. You get 120 Claimblocks an hour from playing and you can buy/sell them 1:1. To claim an area rightclick to opposing corners with a Golden Shovel. Carefull people can still open your chests! Other players cannot use Enderpearls, Chorusfruit on your claim unless they are trusted or they win against you in a Siege.

Important Information

  • Claimblocks generation- As long as you are ingame you get 120 Claimblocks an hour.
  • Claimblocks price- Each Claimblock can be bought or sold for 1$ each.
  • Claims are made with a Golden Shovel- or using commands seen below.
  • Check claims with a Stick- Rightclick a block with a stick to see if its claimed.
  • Enderpearls/Chorusfruit- require accesstrust or a won siege to use.

Commands Commandlist

  • /claim- claims an area around you
  • /claimlist- shows a list of your claims
  • /expand claim x- expands your claim in the direction you are looking by x blocks
  • /expand claim -x- contracts your claim by x blocks.
  • /accesstrust name- Gives a player accesstrust to your claim (Buttons, Enderpearls, Chorusfruit etc)
  • /trust name- Gives a player trust to your claim (Build & Break Blocks)