Amplified Beacon

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Amplified Beacon

General Information

Amplified Beacons come in the form of beacons. You can buy an amplified beacon from the Clan shop at Valgard for 8 greaters each.

Amplified Beacon Item


Amplified Beacons, as the name suggests, are "buffed" beacons. They act as normal beacons, but can provide buffs (potion effects that help you) to clanmates, or debuffs (potion effects that harm/disable you) to rivals.

Size -> Range of effects

  • "tier 1 -> 40
  • "tier 2 -> 60
  • "tier 3 -> 80
  • "tier 4 -> 100

How to Use

  1. Place the beacon: get a 3x3 floor of iron, diamond, gold, or emerald blocks to place the beacon on. Make sure there is a beam of light from it, or the beacon won't work!
  2. Activating: due to the nature of the Amplified Beacon, it costs 300$ to activate (specifically 300$ PER WEEK). Hint: You can see how much longer the beacon is activated on the nether star in the bottom of the beacon GUI!
  3. Applying Effects: you can have 2 BUFFS or 1 DEBUFF per Amplified Beacon! To select effects, simply click on the effect icon in the beacon GUI.