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What is it?

Aethereum is one of the greatest resources found in Valgard. It is used as currency to purchase many of the items offered in the admin shops. Aethereum is also the power source for many of the devices used in Valard such as the portal to name one. The Mad Tinkerer has found many ways to harness the power of aethereum to benefit the inhabitants of Valgard.

How can you get it?

Aethereum can be obtained in a few ways.

  • The aethereum extractor will generate one aethereum every ten minutes while you are in your claim.
  • Completing quests within Valgard or in the Dungeon Worlds can provide aethereum as part of the reward.
  • Crushing ore blocks in the stone crusher is also a good way to obtain aethereum. The amount of aethereum extracted will be based on the type of ore blocks crushed.

Try crushing iron ore, redstone ore, lapis ore, gold ore and diamond ore blocks to see what they extract.