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Dark Ages

This "saga" refers to the events preceding "Game of Block Thrones" aka July 2020, which marks the first official and properly documented saga of the server. We all live with the legacy left behind by DarknessGamingYT!

Summary of the Great Server War
Please keep in mind that many of the participants in the Great Server War are no longer active users on the server. We can't verify all of the information provided here. This section merely serves a summary of Cornel330's recounting of the events.

March 2020

  • OrdenOfThePhoenix is formed with Cornel330 appointed as the clan leader; the new clan then proceeds to raid newcomers and smaller clans
  • Log Horizon decides to declare war on OP (OrdenOfThePhoenix), after finding out that OP had raided seven new players (Hasaki) who happened to be under Log Horizon's protection at the time
  • Cotij joins in on the action after clan leader Sizzle discovers that OP robbed him; an OP member had stumbled over one of his portal names and their clan hadn't hesitated taking advantage of this knowledge
  • Cornel330 assures us that an epic battle occured roughly around this time-frame: Allegedly, taktischestoast (OP member) successfully defeated four Hasaki members while forcing the 5th fighter into retreat, thus essentially emerging as the sole victor in a 5vs1 battle
  • After some more periods of endless raiding and bloodshed, peace negotiations are successfully initiated by OP
  • OrdenOfThePhoenix wouldn't survive losing two of its most important members to the banhammer: taktischestoast and Windeljoe were both banned for two weeks for abusing an exploit involving boats in the market area which significantly reduced server performance. No one thought they would ever return to the server but Windeljoe has now returned and plays fairly now.

Game of Block Thrones

July 2020

The best-selling author Shin_Kotzilla takes on the challenge of becoming Valgard's first chronicler in hopes of preserving server history and lore. She sets out on this new endeavor on July 24, 2020 in the midst of her clan's (Miners'n'Merchants) second war against Hasaki. Though she never witnessed the first rivalry to tell the tale, the second iteration seems to mostly rely on verbal warfare. Little did she know that this dispute would eventually catapult her into a full-fledged war against the Atlantis clan!

Recount of the Events from All Sides


  • The female members of MnM are regularly subjected to inappropriate remarks by the leaders of the Hasaki clan
  • A Hasaki member hires a hitman with BassQueen808 (leader of MnM) as the main target
  • After a vote is swiftly organized following another argument in the chat between Miners'n'Merchants and Hasaki members, MnM unanimously decides to declare war on Hasaki


  • Atlantis hasn't been keen on the Miners'n'Merchants clan for a while, as its members feel wronged by MnM for a multitude of reasons: Accusations against MnM mostly revolve around the alleged toxicity employed by some PVP players in addition to the clan's overall attitude which Atlantis perceives as arrogant
  • Clan leader Schieferkrieger naturally feels an obligation to protect the Hasaki clan as its former king
  • Atlantis enters the war on July 26, 2020 with Schieferkrieger spawning four powerful titans during a capturing event (the cost of which amount to roughly 2,000$) in order to pose a threat to the MnM players who outnumber him during the event; both sides put up a good fight with MnM emerging as the victor of that encounter
  • An unsuccessful raiding attempt is made against ATL member Pfailan later that day; EugatNomdys and Schieferkrieger force MnM into retreat
  • Schieferkrieger leaves Atlantis on July 29, 2020 for at the time unknown reasons
  • This means an abrupt end to the rivalry between Atlantis and Miners'n'Merchants on the subsequent day, as peace is successfully negotiated with the help of Schieferkrieger's successor, Ramenchan
  • Schieferkrieger was expected to make his return and remain an Atlantis member at this point in time, though August 2020 would disprove this notion


[Coming Soon]

Egirl Shin

  • As Jakob is essentially trapped in his own claim and unable to leave - let alone log out - the siege resembles trench warfare in its first stages
  • Shin_Kotzilla decides to take the L for her clan: She offers Jakob a date if he is willing to follow her instructions, all of which may result in his untimely Minecraft demise
  • Intrigued by the prospect of a Minecraft date with Shin and despite his claim that he already has a girlfriend, Jakob tries to persuade her into voice chatting with him on Discord
  • As Jakob eventually relents (meaning that he dies) he earns 30 minutes of Shin's "attention" (the brackets are there for a reason) via text messages
  • Shin might have lost her dignity, but she certainly won the battle by successfully distracting her enemy using her irresistible egirl charme

One Point for Hasaki

  • Following the events of "Egirl Shin", another raid is planned and carried out on July 31, 2020
  • The participants are: leoparddart, darkdesert and Shin_Kotzilla (MnM) with the target being SenpaiJakob (Hasaki) once more
  • The Miner group travels by ship and manages to reach the enemy base undetected
  • Unfortunately, Shin's computer was bound to turn off just as she managed to siege her enemy; she inadvertently loses the siege
  • She didn't lose anything important in the failed act of vengeance, though her group had to retreat quickly

The Return of Ren

  • After a two-month hiatus due to computer issues, ItsmeRen returns to the server on July 27, 2020 to the delight of his clanmates (MnM)
Interlude - Notable Side Plots Unrelated to the War

All Clans Go to Heaven

  • On July 25, 2020 new death messages are added to the server which are humerous in nature. Numerous players (darkdesert, Pfailan, Shin_Kotzilla herself and more) kill themselves using various methods with the intent of seeing all of them appear in the chat. They don't reach their goal as some death messages are still missing by the end of the day. This very likely marks the day with the most deaths occuring on the server
What Is Cloned in Alinor, Stays in Alinor
Leo standing face to face with his clone for the second time
  • A hilarious bug occurs on July 25, 2020 as an issue with Optifine results in leoparddart being cloned while fighting in Alinor
  • This shouldn't be the end of the story as only three days later, the clone is sighted in Alinor again residing in the same spot he was last seen; the clone can't be attacked nor can he access portals

Don't Tread on My Portal Books

  • The date is July 28, 2020. Shin_Kotzilla is trying to make a delivery while being followed by Kiro033 who won't leave her alone despite being asked to cut it out; she is unable to access any portals as she knows that Kiro had followed her through portals multiple times in the past and never listened to her pleads for him to mind his own business
  • While trying to lure Kiro into leoparddart's secure base where he could be properly interrogated, Kiro snatches her portal book from the lectern
  • This is considered an act of war against the Miners'n'Merchants clan hence why Kiro033's ValgardianLords is declared a rival - in addition to more transgressions committed by Kiro in the past
  • His base is raided in the subsequent minutes with leoparddart and picoloRomit winning the siege against him and looting his claim; Kiro continuously attacks and prolongs the siege
  • The war ends a few hours later as MnM merely wanted to teach a lesson
  • Kiro insists that the portal book incident was meant to be taken as a joke

Mind Blowing Accomplishments

  • Schieferkrieger loses his elytra in the same week in which Shin_Kotzilla begins working on this timeline: While equipped with both his elytra and a trident during rain, thus allowing him to move 2,000 blocks per second, he collides with a wall and dies instantly as the frame rate couldn't keep up with this breath-taking speed. At least he manages to find solace in the silly sound that he hears upon his demise
  • On July 25, 2020 Pfailan manages to destroy 864 blocks of sand while being completely encompassed by water; good for him!
  • As of July 26, 2020 Shin_Kotzilla (presumably but don't tell her that) owns the most jars of dirt on the server! It's time to overthrow BassQueen808!

August 2020

Game of Block Thrones enters its next, possibly final stage and thus marks the end of an era. Nothing will ever be the same again. The events of the war have driven a wedge between certain users on the server, culminating in the disbandment of the legendary Atlantis clan. As a chronicler, Shin beings to wonder if she can deem herself worthy of documenting this tale of epic proportions, or if she may have bitten off more than she can chew.

The Fall of Atlantis
  • The date is August 3, 2020: The Atlantis clan (the second biggest clan of the server at the time) struggles as its members come to the realization that many of them have different goals: Some users want warfare and adventures - especially against MnM - while some strive for peace and prosperity, others just wish to be left alone
  • As many are under the impression that they can no longer function as a group since they are too polarized, users Pfailan, YoutubeHamster and DveFree decide to leave the clan and form their own instead: Thus, Miata is born
  • Atlantis later gets disbanded to the shock of the entire server: Its former leaders Schieferkrieger and Tipln find a new home in the newborn Dungeoneers clan

Interlude - Notable Side Plots Unrelated to the War

Minecraft Clone Wars

This is a continuation of "What Is Cloned in Alinor, Stays in Alinor" which can be found in the July 2020 section!
He even allows Shin to give him a beating!
  • leoparddart's clone returns on August 2, 2020. While Shin_Kotzilla is out exploring with her ship, she stumbles over the clone by accident, he is found near Alinor splashing around in the water
  • After a long struggle, she manages to transport Leo onto her ship with the help of ladders and lots of patience
  • Leo is then brought to an undisclosed location where the clone has found a new home

Lola the Goddess

  • User Lola_Games joins the server on August 3, 2020 and wins the hearts of numerous users on the server immediately upon arrival
  • She makes the mistake of joining Hasaki, the clan that is notorious for its "questionable" treatment of female users
  • On August 5, she leaves the server with the farewell: "Goodbye forever", it can only be speculated that Hasaki influenced her decision
  • One day later, Lola makes her return: After Shin witnesses her destroying the loot that the Hasaki leaders had given her, she can't help but fall for her as well
  • Lola makes a brief appearance on August 7, 2020 on 8 o'clock (UTC+2), though she refrains from interacting with the chat

Mind Blowing Accomplishments

  • A new dungeon "Alchemist's Lair" is added on August 2, 2020: One day later, Atlantis happens to be the first clan to successfully clear the dungeon. We congratulate the participants: Tipln, YoutubeHamster, Kiro033 and Pfailan for their heroic accomplishment!
  • A remarkable accomplishment in and of itself is made by the Miners'n'Merchants clan only two days later: A group of Miners manage to fail the Alchemist's Lair dungeon eight times in a row! The final boss was either able to kill the entire party consisting of Hi_Its_Yas, darkdesert, leoparddart and ItsmeRen or didn't even bother showing up in the first place. This circumstance along with numerous other issues and difficulties paved the way for this extraordinary failure
  • Shin_Kotzilla is Lola's 1# simp
  • The Hasaki clan opens 77 war crates on August 7, 2020. The only notable yield is a Pashjn bow

Ships.INC's crazy delivery!

  • Hi_Its_Yas bought a ship from a company in Valgard by the name of 'Ships.INC' (which is ran by Cornel300 and Jimmeh999). Due to Ships.INC's policy and Jimmeh999 inactivity Cornel300 (despite being rivals with Miners'n'Merchants) had to deliver the ship to where Hi_Its_Yas wanted and as Hi_Its_Yas didn't have a dock he wanted to take it to his clanmates dock as until he finishes building his own dock. As Cornel300 picks up Hi_Its_Yas from Valgard Hi_Its_Yas has a very crazy message from his clan chat stating that Darkdesert and Leoparddart were waiting at the dock to kill Cornel300! Hi_Its_Yas notices that they are close to the docks and starts to panic and tells Cornel300 to take of all his armour and give him all his tools because surely his own clanmates would shoot him. But out of no where a cannonball is shot and Hi_Its_Yas and Cornel300 nearly get exploded!!! The victims of this crazy shooting jump overboard and scurry to climb back onto land where they can quickly get into a portal and escape this crazy place! And as Cornel300 now says 'Don’t bring A Miner the Pizza to the door, or he will greet you with a cannon!'

September 2020

As Shin_Kotzilla has a magical disappearance the Valgardian people do not no what to do without their best selling author and chronicler and thought she would just come back one day but she hasn't to this day and Citzen News just became forgotten about... but hope is not lost as out in the depth of Valgard a young but promising chronicler by the name of Hi_Its_Yas steps foot into becoming Valgard's second chronicler and hopes to go down in fame beside Shin_Kotzilla as one of the best chronicler's Valgard has ever had! Thus on 17th of September Valgard officially had their second chronicler of Valgard!

The Battle Between Kiro033 and WindelJoe1

There has been a might war between Kiro033 and windeljoe1 for quite a while now with portal trapping and killing. Hi_Its_Yas travels across Valgard to meet both legends and discover both sides of their story to report to you all about this wonderful battle.

Kiro033's point of view

At first Kiro033 was resting but he saw a message from leopddart stating that the Crushers were stealing books in Valgard so Kiro033 decided to put that to the test and made a fake book to see if it gets stolen. He puts the book into the portal and yes it does get stolen; Kiro033 doesn't like this malicious act crushers are doing and therefore declares war on them. When Windeljoe1 leaves crushers nothing bad really happens between them too but as soon as he joined crushers again he became more aggressive straight away! One of windeljoe1's spiteful acts after he joined crushers was when Kiro033 was coming back from Alinor to his base but as soon as he put in his portal book Windeljoe1 changed it quickly and put in a trap that killed Kiro033 as he walked into it! He lost a Pashjn bow and Blistering Blade from that and is furious with Windeljoe1! Kiro033 is still planning revenge to this day after he stops lagging but is still looking for the chance at all times to kill windeljoe1...

Windeljoe1's point of view

[Coming Soon]

The Nether Update!

Leo wins the race to be covered in debris!

Leo wins the race to get full netherite armour!

As all of the players go into the Nether everyone wants to be the first one to get netherite armour but on the 25th September 2020 leopddart pulls through and succeeds in successfully being the first player ever in Craft Citiizen to get Netherite armour!!!

Pfailan's Gambling Fever!

On the 28th September 2020 Pfailan goes to Valgard to test his luck with his crate keys; in total he spends a whopping 56 keys in 1 day and really did test out his luck on the magnificent day!

October 2020

Hi_Its_Yas Goes of to find more adventures in the world of Valgard and hope to keep Citizen News more and more entertained on what is going on in the realm of Craft Citizen. He finds many things such as tention between a massive war between his own clan Miners'n'Merchants and Crushers to be more likely by the second and many things like new dungeons and spooky decorations being added for Halloween! With a lot of change happening in Valgard, the people of Craft Citizen get more hyped for the future and what is going to come and especially Hi_Its_Yas as he is gonna have a lot of things to note down for October!

The Miata Rankup Outburst!

In the same week Hi_Its_Yas (1.10.20 to Lord), Pfailan (6.10.20 to Aristocrat) and Dvefree (7.10.20 to Aristocrat) all ranked up at the same time!!!

The Halloween Update!
This picture took me 15 mins to get btw -_-

On 15.10.20 everyone was astonished to hear that the Halloween event finally has started! Everyone rushed to the new dungeon named 'Bloodstone' where there are numerous bosses and the final one has an extra special reward (including a head which adds 150 points to your score on stats!!!). People started to realise after they completed Vladmir Bloodstone and looked behind his grand thone that there was a secret sword named 'Reapers Scythe' and the materials were hidden deep in the depth of Valgard! Clans and people searched days to find all the valuable substances and combine them to make the legendary sword until one day someone would be the first one to complete it and make history!

The Legendary new seasonal Sword!
The Thunderfury shown by darkdesert

On 16.10.20 the new sword known as the ThunderFury was released to the public and everyone was amazed to see something that will never be on any other sword, sweeping edge 4! Everyone went to go buy there amazing swords but BassQueen808 went and bought 3!!! She told the Valgardian people the phrase 'Go big or go home' as everyone was shocked at the amount of fragments she must have spent on getting 3!

A New Valgard?
What the new Valgard spawn looks like!

On 21.10.20 the Valgardian people were bewildered and astounded to see that the old Valgard town and especially the spawn has changed from a nice bright town to a spooky decorative Valgard! Hi_Its_Yas went to find a Citzen of Valgard to interview them on if they like the change to Valgard. Citizen darkdesert says "Yes it is great! Valgard looks like a proper spawn now!".

_dragonfire_ beat the race to get the Reaper's Scythe!
_dragonfire_ and SenpaiJakob posing as they enjoy the sweet victory of getting the Reaper's Scythe first

After a painstaking 2 weeks someone comes out victorious with the Reapers Scythe clutched in there hand. Hi_Its_Yas along with many others Valgardians rush to see what all the commotion about this sword has been about and who has it. Hi_Its_Yas rushes to the front of the crowd and finds _dragonfire_ with SenpaiJakob holding up the sword together as the crowd lets out a loud roar of cheer and excitement for the leaders of CRATA who have beaten the rest of the competitors in finally getting their hands on the first Reaper's Scythe. Hi_Its_Yas asks for _dragonfire_ to come and be interviewed on the relaxing Valgardian beach when he has some spare time. Happily _dragonfire_ agrees and finally meet at night. Dragon told Yas as the waved crashed down onto the shore about how "It feels amazing especially knowing I am the first person to get my hands on this Reaper's Scythe. It really gave me a satisfaction after I got it in the end as I have been grinding a lot over these past days for it and if it wasn't for the collaboration with Hasaki I would not have acquired it a as fast I have got it now".

May 2021

Great warriors have vanished. What is left from the once rich world is populated by only the most brave souls.

Fresh winds, The world awakens new

November 2021

A year later, Valgard has changed for the better with brand new bosses, dungeons such as Chambers Of Sand and a revamped Bloodstone, quests and a new glamorous Valgard.

Crates and Chests!

A new update has allowed Crates and Chests to spawn randomly all over Valgard and can give you diffrent kinds and amounts of loot in each unique crate or chest. If you are one of the lucky ones you may aquire things like Ancient Debris, Diamonds and Golden Apples in them!