Tides of Vengeance

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About Tides of Vengeance(ToV)

This dungeon can be accessed by 2 different portals at Valgard, the most important one in the dungeon hub. This dungeon is considered one of the harderst one so far and contains 4 bosses. This dungeon also contains a mythical crafting table to craft Mythical Artifacts.

Loot in this dungeon contains:

  • Dephtstriker
  • Pirate Cutless
  • Captain Roberts' Head
  • Pirate hat
  • Helmsmans Last Stand
  • Deep-Sea Treasure - An ingredient for mythical forging
  • Pirate Flintlock

The Bosses

  • Captain Roberts - Blue Boss
  • Emiliah - Purple Boss
  • Undead Captain Roberts - Purple Boss
  • Ancient One - Red Boss