Special Structures

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Special Structures

Special Structures are machines used to complete unique tasks such as Portals used to traverse the CraftCitizen world. Placing a special structure is done by placing the master block (Portal Lectern, Stone Crusher Chest) the other blocks will be placed automatically. Space for the other blocks is required, follow the infographic below.

Name Spacerequired Troubleshooting Description IngamePic
Portal space required
Make sure the portal frame has space to generate, the glowstoneblock is the lectern, the red blocks need to be air. Make sure you have two blocks space in the floor! The most efficient way to travel the world, first portal aquired through ranking up to Hireling. Use /kit portal.
An active Portal
Stone Crusher
Stone Crusher space required
Make sure there is enough space for the other blocks! The Glowstone block is the stonecrusher chest you place the red blocks need to be air. Crush Stone to gain Aether and other valuble ores.
An active Stone Crusher


  • /cchelp portal- help for portals
  • /cchelp stonecrusher- help for the stonecrusher