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Sizzle is one of the oldest players on the modern day server. He was referred to the server by a long time friend and clanmate, Cotij. A timeline from his perspective is below:

Approximate Date Occurance
~December 1st Myself and Cotij grind to get to the end and raid end cities. We got a lot of the items very quickly, however, quite ironically, it took us multiple days just to get the endearpearls to make the end portal work. This is ironic because in the end there are so many enderman present. Once we both got an elytra, we flew around getting all the rest and most of the shulkers with it.
~December 1st After I joined, we founded the clan Cotij, named after Cotij, because he was being too much of a pain in the a** to have a cool name. We allied with Goldbrandt and Bass, to conquer the server. Around this time Miners'n'Merchants had already been created, however Atlantis (Goldbrandt's clan) hadn't been, but some other clan I can't recall the name of.