Shin Kotzilla

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About Shin_Kotzilla

Shin_Kotzilla's mother is a giant monster (kaiju) who raised her to be the perfect killing machine. From an early age, she was taught how to destroy entire cities and wreak havoc in the world. After years of going on devastating rampages, Shin finally arrived in Valgard. Intend on demolishing it as usual, she got into a fight with the Mad Tinkerer who wanted to conduct experiments on her. During this fierce battle, she came into contact with what can only be suspected were radioactive slime blocks, thus mutating her into a regular boring human. Instead of giving up on herself and working an office job, she decided to start anew as a cave dweller in the mountains. This is where her journey begins.


Shin isn't familiar with human customs and mannerisms. Humans express their gratitude with words of kindness and gestures, which stands in stark contrast to her kind's tradition of sacrificing maidens and making ships go wush whenever you owe someone. Having convinced herself that thereby any clan would be better off without her as a member, Shin decided to form her own: Thus Shintzerland was born. Everything worked great at first! Though eventually, she realized that she actually lives for drama (how sinful!) and the thought of a solitary lifestyle without any beef occuring like ever, slowly but steadily became less appealing to her.


When BassQueen808 approached her in hopes of securing the former kaiju for her own clan Miners'n'Merchants, Shin disbanded Shintzerland after contemplating the offer for a while. She is now an established member of the gang and assimilated quite smoothly.