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About Romich02

RoMich is the first Italian player that joined this server he owns the clan with the most Italian members on the server. Before joining the CC server he was a pirate and he decided to travel from a pirate island to the server. RoMich got captured by some American spies a while ago who tried to transform him into a super soldier, the experiment failed but turned him into a super cat, using his new abilities he escaped. RoMich the cat got adopted by Elo106 and BassQueen808 calling him Pizzalover106_02 for his love of Tuna_Pizza. Attempts to turn him back into a regular cat have proven unsuccessful. He loves Elo and Bass but most important fishy snacks.

Bad boi?

The answer is yes he let the dark side enslave him and that made him use badboi magic and with his friends duped items. After some time he understood that what he did was bad boi stuff so decided to kill himself to prevent other acts. Lucky ramich had 4 lives left so he now good boi (We hope). Tunapizza4ever

New Ramich

Romich came back very hungry and got hospitalized by Bassqueen. He became loyal to the only true master and he will do whatever his master says. Good soldier follows orders