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The Banner of Miners'n'Merchants
Founded: November 2019
  • [CRSH] - Crushers
  • [YAS] - Hasaki

About Miner”n”Merchants

Miners “n” Merchants is a clan dedicated to supporting the patrons of Craft Citizen by offering quality goods and services at reasonable prices. Our goal is to understand the needs of our clan and customers which provides a win-win for all. Friendly, helpful and reliable are just some of the attributes of our clan.

Ranks and Organization

Our Clan consist of a group of people with different skills, interests and opinions but we work together as a unit to reach our goals effectively.


  • BassQueen808 – Leader and Clan Creator oversees the entire clan
  • PrncessMinealot – Co-Leader oversees the mining projects
  • leoparddart – Co-Leader oversees combat and safety
  • DVRKNET - Co-Leader oversees industry, innovation and advancement in technology


In November 2019, BassQueen808 and her trusted friend PrncessMinealot set out to find a land that people would whisper about in secret. To our surprise there were others who searched and found the hidden city of Valgard as well. The stories that we heard were true and we were all happy to be pioneers in this new world. Our days were filled with gathering supplies and locating shelter to survive the nights. Travel options at the time were limited to small boats or walking but finally a suitable area was found to begin constructing permanent housing.

Once settled, we began to trade with the other inhabitants and found them to be very friendly and helpful. Because of our joy of mining and fishing, we had enough supplies to share. PrncessMinealot and GoldBrandt shared a shop at Valgard Market which opened up trade to new people. New people would come and go but the original pioneers SizzleMcGrizzle, Tipln, Goldbrandt, EugatNomdys and Einsatzleiter were always around to help when there was a need.

While the world was new, we all decided to form clans and create alliances which is how Miners”n”Merchants was created. The Miners”n”Merchants clan started with two people and grew to be one of the largest and wealthiest clans in Valgard. Our members take pride as merchants in the Valgard Market and strive maintain clan presence to serve the people of Valgard. As miners, we have made large contributions to all of the server quests and developed small towns around the world.

Notable Miners”n”Merchants Members

  • RoMich02 – Warrior Extraordinaire, a fierce and cunning fighter that protects all members of MnM,
  • Shin_Kotzilla – Reporter and Historian brings a unique perspective to MnM,
  • ItsmeRen - MnM’s first clan member! Ren’s playful persona always lifts the spirits of the clan,
  • PredatorZ_3k - Builder and Redstone Master,
  • StevenKing169 – Talented builder of ships and any style of structures his craftsmanship inspires the clan,
  • RuffyLJ - Builder and Redstone Master,
  • Veonar – Builder and Interior/Exterior Decorator,
  • Ramenchan – Master Builder, Redstone Master and Mob Farm Creator,
  • Rendog22 – Master Builder and Redstone Master,

Notable Miners”n”Merchants Settlements

  • Darks’ Citadel,
  • Leo’s Star Destroyer,
  • PrncessMinealot’s Dragon,
  • BassQueen808’s Basstonia,
  • Shin_Kotzilla’s Shintopia