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Formed on August 5 2020, shortly after the fall of Atlantis, Miata is a small clan named after the legendary Mazda MX-5. The four letters "IATA" simultaneously stand for the four elements; Fire (ignis), Water (aqua), Earth (terra) and Air (aēr). The clan colors are purple and black.

Miata is ruled by it's Dux, Aristocrate Pfailan, with Aristocrate DveFree as the Adiūtor.

It counts 11 members, of which two Ministers; former MnM member Hi_Its_Yas and former Atlantean YoutubeHamster. The clan is represented twice at the table of Aristocracy and occupies the 3rd spot on the clan leaderboard.

Miata is well-known for it's neutrality and good relationship with all clans.