Hi Its Yas

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Date Joined: 8th May 2020
Clan: Bloodfangs (NightCaptain)
Rank: Lord

About Hi_Its_Yas

The Owner and RedBay and NightCaptain on the 3rd most powerful clan of Valgard Bloodfangs Hi_Its_Yas hails from an unknown place hidden away in the vast Minecraft ocean. Hi_Its_Yas crashed into Valgard with no belongings at all and started a journey that he didn't know at the time would become one of the biggest Minecraft journey's of his life. Meeting friends such as: BassQueen808 ;Pfailan; DVRKNET; DveFree; RuffyLJ; Borin8; Sollers07, Hi_Its_Yas established himself to become well known on the server.

Clan History

RedBay's Bases

  • RedBay's RedLand (Yas' main base)
  • RedBay's HeadQuarters (Shared between all Bloodfangs members where confidentail meetings are held)
  • RedBay's Party Yacht (Where Yas holds them special occassions)
  • RedBay's Base (Sol's main base)

Noble Acheivements

  • Obtaining the honor of being a reporter in Citizen News