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Capture Points

Capture points are KOTH (king of the hill) style platforms that are located in Alinor, CraftCitizen's main PVP event zone. All capture points drop 48 Aether fragments, however if there are 10 or more users online, the capture points will drop 96 fragments each.

Capture Point Physics/Functionality

  • To take a capture point, first go to the applicable location that is displayed in chat. To help guide you, do /map in game to see a live map of the world. Use portal Alinormajor or Alinorminor to go to the event zone.
  • Once you arrive at a capture point, you will see a platform made of glass and concrete with a chest in the middle. Once you begin to capture, if you have a clan, it will set the concrete and glass color to your clan color, and it will set the banner to your clan banner!
  • Here is the slightly complicated part: A capture point takes five minutes to capture, and there are a few "rules" to how that capturing can be made faster/can be stopped.
  1. Capture points go by clan/user without a clan.
  2. By oneself, a capture point will take 5 minutes to capture. If you have a clan, and there are multiple people in that clan, the capture time will be doubled/tripled/etc. based on how many clanmates are present. (You can see how much faster it will go by looking at the number in the boss bar!)
  3. If there are two clans, and each clan has the same amount of people in the capture zone, the point will be "Contended", where each clan's progress is still lost, but no one gains anything.
  4. If one clan has more players than every other clan combined, that clan will continue to capture the point!
  5. If you have made progress on a capture point and you have either left it or another clan has begun capturing it, your progress will dwindle.
  • Once you win a capture point, the chest will be locked to you and your clan (if applicable) for 5 minutes, which should be enough time to transport fragments.