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A Clanmember infront of the Clanhall in Valgard.

This is the Clans Guide, for a list of ingame clans check CraftCitizen Clans


Clans are a way to create factions/guilds/nations in CraftCitizen. Clans let you fight together for ConquerPoints, provide a Clan Chat and show you friends and foes.

Important Information

  • Clan Chat- Clan chats can be used with /c text
  • Alliance Chat- Alliance chats can be used with /a Alliancename text
  • Conquering- a ConquerPoint marks it for your clan, not yourself.
  • Color- Clans may pick a color with /clan color x


  • /clan- Lists all clan commands
  • /clan create Name Tag Color- Create a clan.
  • /clan invite name- Invite a player to your clan.
  • /clan find name- Lists a players clan info.
  • /clan alliance create- Creates an alliance