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Borin8 The Vampire Overlord
Date Joined: November 21 2020
Clan: Gods of Valgard (Co-Leader)
Rank: Aristocrat

Borin8's Story

When his old world fell, Borin8 had to go on a search for a new place to stay. Hoping he would find old friends in Valgard he travelled there, but he did not find them. So he build up an outpost and waited for them. In his wait he made new friends so he decided to make Valgard his new home. He used special magic to transform the lands around him into something that looked more like his homeland, where he grew up as a little Underworld Elf. At first he tried to be kind to everyone he came across, even going invisible and dropping free items on people. For a short period he was known as the Saint of Valgard at the same time he joined Gods of Valgard and enjoyed the safety and friendship that his clan and their allies provided. But to all good things comes an end. Evil people seemed to target him for unsure reasons and he started to doubt if this really was a good place to stay. But with some very close friends at his side he came through and evil went back to a slumber. But the insecurity stayed and he was lured to the dark arts, he embraced the darkness and became a Vampire and was quickly crowned the Vampire Overlord. Now he can be found invisible at market, but not to give free things away, now he hunts there for blood.

Death to Piglins

He has been known to wage war against Piglins. Deathcount(18/03/'21): 603 - 14


For some odd reason, Borin8 has an allergy for some specific cat variants.

Dungeon Master

Borin8 is one of the few people on the server who have been able to beat all 3 current(18/3/'21) main dungeons fully on his own. He even took it upon himself to write dungeon guides for each individual dungeon and sell them for a low price in his shop.


Clan History