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Blueprints were removed in January 2022. The information about blueprints will remain in the wiki for rare occasions when blueprints are offered during special events.

Blueprints are automatically placed Structures, most of them can only be placed in claimed areas. Once placed and confirmed they cannot be picked up again!

Important Information

  • Placing a blueprint:
  1. Get your blueprint. All blueprints will have a custom texture.
  2. Place the blueprint in the desired area. Keep in mind: if any of the blueprint goes into a claim that you aren't trusted in OR into an admin claim, you will be denied placement.
  3. You can adjust the blueprint's direction and position using the prompt in chat (see picture below).
  4. When you are done adjusting the position, click "Yes" or "No". If you click "Yes", the blueprint will be built. If you click "No", the blueprint will be returned to your inventory.



  • No commands needed! Just get a blueprint and you are good to go!


Name Shopcoords Shop Picture Price
House - - House.png -
Mill - - Mill.png -
Market - - Market.png -
Barracks - - Barracksemp.png -
Archery Range - - Archeryrange.png -
Blacksmith - - Blacksmith.png -
Stable - - Stable.png -
Towncenter - - Towncenter.png -
Watchtower - - Watchtower.png -

Market & Shops

Name Shopcoords Shop Picture Price
Petty Shop x x Shoppetty.png x
Lesser Shop x x Shoplesser.png x
Minor Shop x x Shopminor.png x
Common Shop x x Shopcommon.png x
Greater Shop x x Shopgreater.png x

Notable Builds

Name Shopcoords Shop Picture Price
Monastry * * Monastry.png *
University * * University.png *
Siege Workshop * * Siegeworks.png *
Guard Tower * * File:X *
Aetherial Tower * * Aethertower.png *

Original Builds

Name Shopcoords Shop Picture Price
Guardian Statue * * Statue.png -
Sophisticated Villa * * Villa.png -
Fortified Barracks * * Barracks.png -