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About BassQueen808

Being a Queen in exile from her beloved homeland Basstonia, BassQueen808 travelled the internet seas in search of adventure and a place to call home. In her travels, she found her best friend PrncessMinealot and together they encountered a person by the name of Elo106. Under the protection of a strong crew, BassQueen808 thrived. During a time of great prosperity and peace, BassQueen808 and Elo106 adopted a feral cat known as Romich02, which was renamed PizzaLover106_02. As a duo, they enjoyed great wealth and provided an abundance of fishy snacks to their adopted cat.

All good things will come to an end and so it did. The trio’s happiness suddenly turned to sadness with the disappearance of Elo. BassQueen808 disguised as a peasant searched for and located the missing Elo in a faraway land. In this new land, BassQueen808 has started a new life surrounded by old friends and ready for new adventures.